BS in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

If you’ve ever aspired to start your own business, or have plans to join an existing business or enterprise, the entrepreneurship and small business degree gives you the skills and connections you need to turn a great idea into a successful business venture.

Program Overview

Our innovative program gives you a strong foundation in sound business practices, sharpens your business management skills and teaches you how to think like an entrepreneur. You’ll work on team and individual projects to develop and improve business ideas and also have the opportunity to promote the feasibility of your ideas in regional and national business plan competitions.

Course options include a wide breadth of topics, such as Entrepreneurial Creativity, Opportunity Recognition and Negotiation, and Supply Chain Management. You’ll learn from a rich network of faculty and staff that provides the guidance necessary to launch a business or join a bourgeoning company.

In the classroom, during internships and at networking events, you can tap into the expertise and experience of local and national company executives, as well as small business owners who have achieved success. 

Curriculum and Requirements

BS in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management Curriculum

Students majoring in entrepreneurship are required to complete 122 credits.

Business Core Curriculum
Complete the Business Core Curriculum 43
University Curriculum
Complete the University Curriculum for School of Business 34
Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Core
ENT 210Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship3
ENT 250Entrepreneurial Skills3
ENT 310Entrepreneurial Creativity3
ENT 320Small Business Marketing3
ENT 330Entrepreneurial Finance3
ENT 340Opportunity Recognition and Negotiation3
ENT 410Business Plan Creation3
ENT 488Entrepreneurship Internship3
Complete one of the following options:6
Option A:
ENT 420
& ENT 430
Entrepreneurial Implementation I
and Entrepreneurial Implementation II
Option B:
Select two of the following entrepreneurship electives:
ENT 290
Digital Businesses
ENT 299
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
ENT 371
Business Plan Competition
ENT 490
Field Projects
IB 320
Introduction to Global Entrepreneurship
MG 340
Supply Chain Logistics and Technology
SB 360
International Microloan Funding
Open Electives
Select 15 credits15
Total Credits122

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