Minor Overview

Through a minor in sociology, you’ll explore the diverse communities and social groups that make up our society, and also examine the many factors influencing their behaviors—from work opportunity and educational attainment, to health care availability, law enforcement policies and pop-culture trends. You’ll understand how factors such as these determine social relationships and organization, and learn how various economic and political forces affect the creation of social legislation and the availability of resources.

You will choose from a variety of elective courses that enable you to focus the minor on topics that not only align with your academic interests and career goals, but also broaden your perspective in your chosen field. Courses in family dynamics, gender, race, immigration and deviance complement such majors as anthropology and criminal justice. The ability to examine broader social trends and apply observations in everyday interactions is a crucial skill for social workers, members of law enforcement and educators at all levels. 

Curriculum and Requirements

Sociology Minor Curriculum

For the sociology minor, students are welcome to work with the department chair to select 18 credits of course work that align with the student’s interests in the field. A student majoring in criminal justice or gerontology can minor in sociology. Courses taken for the minor may not count toward the major. Courses for the major may not count toward the minor.

Possible courses include:
SO 101Introduction to Sociology3
SO 201Sociological Theory3
SO 205From College to Career (CJ/GT 205)1
SO 225Social Problems3
SO 232Women in the Criminal Justice System (CJ/WS 232)3
SO 235American Culture and Society: The 1950s-1980s3
SO 241Sociology of Race and Ethnicity3
SO 244Social Stratification3
SO 250Youth Crime (CJ 250)3
SO 255Sociology of Families (WS 255)3
SO 260Social Control and Deviance3
SO 263Sociology of the Aged (GT 263)3
SO 264Social Welfare Institutions3
SO 266Population and Society3
SO 270Program Planning and Administration (GT 270)3
SO 271Public Order Crimes (CJ 271)3
SO 272Education and Society3
SO 280Illness and Disability3
SO 290Research Methods (GT 290)3
SO 304Sociology of Gender (WS 304)3
SO 305Death, Grief & Bereavement (GT 305)3
SO 306Masculinities3
SO 307Sociology of Sport (SPS 307)3
SO 308The Immigrant Experience3
SO 310Children: Social Issues and Policies3
SO 311Introduction to Social Work (GT 311)3
SO 315Case Management (GT 315)3
SO 317Religion and Society3
SO 319Culture, Health, and Environment: The Many Faces of the Caribbean3
SO 320Sociology of Hip-Hop Culture3
SO 325Counseling Older Clients (GT 325)3
SO 330Perspectives on Violence (CJ 330)3
SO 333Drugs, Alcohol and Society (CJ 333)3
SO 355Crime & Media (CJ 355)3
SO 360Sociology of Mental Illness3
SO 365Aging: Problems and Policies (GT 365)3
SO 370Adoption in the Community3
SO 375Sociology of the Everyday3
SO 382Studying Social Issues with Statistics (GT 382)3
SO 383Sociology of Law3
SO 384Gay and Lesbian Identities and Communities in the 20th Century (PS 384)3

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