The English program explores how literature and writing shape our understanding of ourselves, our histories and our cultures and is a springboard to many diverse and interesting careers. Notable professionals with a degree in English include award-winning film director Steven Spielberg, legendary journalist Bob Woodward and former MTV CEO Judy McGrath.

Program Overview

You’ll learn to think critically and creatively and hone your writing and communication skills, which will provide a solid foundation for a career in many fields. Our graduates have established careers in publishing, advertising, public relations, theater and film.

Students who need specialized expertise have the option of choosing the creative writing concentration, which develops compositional, reading and analytical skills in one or more genres, or the secondary education concentration, which prepares you to teach high school English and focuses on the state requirements for teachers.

Our professors are nationally renowned authors, essayists and scholars, and you’ll gain valuable, real-world insights from professional writers who visit campus. You’ll also have the opportunity to contribute to “Montage,” our creative writing journal, read original work in our student writers’ series or join Sigma Tau Delta, the English honors society.

Curriculum and Requirements

BA in English Curriculum

In addition to the University Curriculum and the College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts Track requirements, students majoring in English must meet the following requirements for graduation:

English Major Requirements
Flexible Requirements:
Select any EN courses at the 200 or 300 level21
Select at least 6 credits at the EN 300 level in each category:12
A. Language, Rhetoric, Genre and Form
B. Periods, Places, Cultures and Identities
Advanced Requirements
Select one from each of the following categories:9
Literary History Underrepresented Writers:
EN 223
Hippies, Punks and Rude Boys
EN 235
Literature by Women (WS 235)
EN 265
Survey of African-American Literature
EN 276
Literature of the Global South I: Africa and South Asia
EN 277
Lit of the Global South II: The Americas
EN 338
American Literature by Women of Color (WS 338)
EN 340
Immigrant Fictions
Literary History I:
EN 341
Chaucer and the Medieval Period
EN 345
English Literature of the Renaissance
EN 348
Milton and the 17th Century
EN 350
18th-Century British Literature (1660-1800)
EN 361
Origins of U.S. Literature (1492-1865)
Literary History II:
EN 308
Composing America
EN 322
Modern British Literature (1900-1945)
EN 323
Contemporary British Literature (1945-Present)
EN 352
British Romanticism (1785-1832)
EN 355
Victorian Literature (1832-1901)
EN 365
The American Renaissance (1830-1865)
EN 366
Modern U.S. Literature (1900-1945)
EN 367
Contemporary U.S. Literature (1945-Present)
EN 380
Realism and Naturalism in U.S. Literature (1865-1930)
EN 304Junior Seminar in Critical Theory3
EN 460Senior Seminar Capstone3
Total Credits48

Concentration in Creative Writing Curriculum

All students wishing to fulfill the requirements for a concentration in creative writing must take the following courses:

Select two 200-level creative writing courses6
Select two 300-level advanced creative writing workshops 16
Select one course in contemporary/post-WWII literature, including but not limited to the following:3
EN 220
The Short Story as a Genre
EN 308
Composing America
EN 322
Modern British Literature (1900-1945)
EN 323
Contemporary British Literature (1945-Present)
EN 366
Modern U.S. Literature (1900-1945)
EN 367
Contemporary U.S. Literature (1945-Present)
EN 373
Modernist American Poetry
Total Credits15

The 300-level workshop can be repeated once for credit (i.e., a student interested in fiction can take the Advanced Fiction Workshop up to two times).

Concentration in Secondary Education Curriculum

To earn the concentration in secondary education, students complete 18 credits, including:

One course in British literature3
Two courses in American literature6
One course in Shakespeare3
One course in advanced composition3
History of the English Language3
Total Credits18

Additional course details
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