Mount Carmel Campus Facilities


Comfortably Prepared

Quinnipiac students who say the student center is a comfortable place to spend their leisure time compared to students at four-year private institutions in the East (SSI 2015)


Residence Halls


Seats in the Arnold Bernhard Library

The Mount Carmel Campus is home to most of our residence halls and academic buildings. Find a sweet spot to study in the Arnold Bernhard Library. Grab a bite to eat, a book to read, and a big slice of Greek life at the Carl Hansen Student Center. Exercise your mind at the Buckman Theater, your body at the Athletic and Recreation Center, and your community spirit at the Albert Schweitzer Institute.  With so much to do, it’s easy to see why Mount Carmel is our largest and liveliest campus.    

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York Hill Campus Facilities


Square-foot Athletic Facility


Seats in the Dining Hall


kW Hours of Clean Energy Produced Each Year

Perched high above Hamden, our York Hill Campus is home to several thousand upperclassmen. The Rocky Top Student Center provides a unique environment for students of all years to gather, eat and exercise before heading off to class or to a friendly game of volleyball.

The TD Bank Sports Center draws Bobcats fans from near and far, particularly during the basketball and hockey seasons. Every year, hundreds of thousands of spectators pass the majestic bronze bobcat statue on their way to thrilling displays of Division I athletics in the 180,000 square foot arena.

York Hill isn’t just eye-catching and inspiring – it’s environmentally friendly, too. Ideally situated to take advantage of green energy sources, the campus’ wind turbines and solar panels produce and save hundreds of thousands of kilowatt hours per year.    

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View York Hill

North Haven Campus Facilities


University Schools Supported


Miles to Wharton Brook State Park


Acres to Explore

Walk the pathways and lawns of the North Haven Campus and find yourself surrounded by lawyers, teachers, doctors and nurses – both current and future professionals. The Center for Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences boasts operating suites, simulation rooms, and 24 teaching labs to train medical and healthcare practitioners. Nearby, future educators learn in their curriculum center before heading off to practice their skills in local classrooms. And the energy and drama of the courtroom comes to life in the School of Law Center. The Dispute Resolution Suite hosts Mock Trial and Moot Court competitions, while clinic programs and seminar classes debate the intent and letter of the law.

Five high-powered schools on 150 acres – that’s a lot of concentrated brainpower. To support all this learning, North Haven Campus also features a library, bookstore, full-service dining hall and 350-seat auditorium, plus picnic tables, open spaces, and a lovely pond for contemplative moments.    

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